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I don’t know if anyone knows this, but I didn’t just wake up one day and decide to write a blog. The truth is that this is actually my diary. For about two years now, I’ve kept a diary on my laptop. Password protected of course. A few weeks ago, I decided to start writing my diary online instead. Old habits die hard, so even if I haven’t written here in a few days, the chances are that I will have written my diary and will eventually get around to cut and paste it to here…



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THE Weekender

So, I was chatting with Mr E about Louie and he said that Louie would turn up at my house as soon as he gets back from Spain. I made some off the cuff comment about how if he did it was cool, because I’ll just have sex with him and then kick him out afterwards. Mr E asked if I would be able to do that. I told him that I wouldn’t do it, but that I must admit that I find myself wanting to have sex again, but not actually take the route of feelings and relationships…..


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Sooooooo much to catch up on..

So today is Wednesday and what a mad few days I have had. The weekend provided alot of twists and turns, including having a mental argument with Mr Ex. Why he’s been spending so much time here, I don’t know but getting under my feet and under my skin is what he’s doing and I’ve just about had enough of it. I sense trouble in paradise with he and Amy, and I don’t give a shit. I’ve moved on from wishing he would see me in that way again. Pfffft. I’m movin’ on up… and he’s movin’ on out. Oh yeh!!


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Alice’s Malice

So yesterday was a busy (not) day. Yet again, my children were not here. As it is the summer holidays all the extended family seem to be fighting over who gets to take them here and there on what day! Well, yesterday – Mr Ex took the day off work and took them somewhere for a day of fun with Mr Ex’s parents…


1 comment August 8, 2008


Today was a weird day again. I spent time chatting with Mr E as is usual. Did you guys know that I do actually talk to other people? On messenger I speak to other people. Mr E is never the only person I am chatting with, and yet I have noticed that I never find reason to write about Kel, or Kathy, Jon or Mike, FlyBoy or Gemini. Strange. Maybe because conversations with them are usually made up of talking purely about them, and their lives aren’t the most interesting. Apart from FlyBoy, who sat and had a drink with Lewis Hamilton the other week in the VIP lounge at the airport…


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Recent Happenings…

So, just recently alot has been going on. Alot of interesting (boring) stuff that I have shared about my day to day activities. Well today not alot happened, so I thought that instead I would share something else that’s been going on just recently. In the background…


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Monday Madness..

Well OK, not so much madness, but still. Today is actually, comparitively tame. I awoke this morning at my Mum’s house. Still seething just slightly from a mini row with Mr Ex last night. We have this awkward dynamic where he spends as much time at my parents’ house as I do, and to be honest, that does make me feel slightly uncomfortable sometimes. Anyways it was a mini row, I walked off and told him he was a tosspot and that he knew where I’d be when he felt the need to apologise.


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Sunday, Bloody Sunday..

Went for a gorgeous breakfast this morning. Yum yum yum indeed. After breakfast I decided to head to my parents house to join Mr Ex and my children. Tomorrow is Mr Ex’s birthday. My friend drove me there. She drives nice and fast and we got there in good time, but stopped a few times along the way. She told me that she can’t “see” me without Mr Ex – that she can’t picture me without him. I told her that it feels weird but that I’m getting used to it and so will she. She mumbled, well I suppose so or something like that. I wondered why I seem to spend so much time reassuring everyone else that the world won’t stop turning because Minnie and Mr Ex are together no longer…..


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Painting the Town Red

So yesterday was a fab day. I awoke home alone again, as Mr Ex and the children are still away. I got up, went for a run, came in showered and preened myself a little bit, did some cleaning in the house and then got ready to go to the gym. It was a sunny day yesterday, so I wore my running skirt rather than my trousers. I made sure I looked effortlessly beautiful as is always the look I am aiming for, grabbed my bag and headed out….


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Saturday Silliness and Shopping!!

OK, so still recovering from the Louie revelations last night. I am trying to convince myself that I am not NOT starting to like him. And, even if I am, I won’t let it carry on. Did you know one of my bad habits? I run away from complex situations. Must be the runner in me. Louie is amazing, and gorgeous and everything else, and in himself there are far more pros than cons, but he comes into my life at a shocking time…..


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